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shopper brain conference
Dublin, October 25-26, 2023
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Kristian Pentus

Kristian Pentus, an accomplished neuromarketing expert and eye-tracking specialist, brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from the front lines of cutting-edge marketing research. As a Lecturer at the University of Tartu, Kristian has been moulding future marketing leaders for over six years, focusing on Neuromarketing. He has earned his status as an educator and the Research Designer at the University's Neuromarketing Lab for nearly a decade. Known in academic and professional circles as 'the eye-tracking guy', Kristian navigates the intriguing world of consumer behaviour through a multidimensional lens. His keen expertise also encompasses the measurement of consumer facial expressions, providing a holistic view of the consumer experience. With hundreds of applied research projects under his belt, Kristian's contributions to neuromarketing have refined the approach to optimizing package designs, advertisements, banners, and physical environments. Above all, Kristian carries a ceaseless curiosity about the intersection of neuroscience and marketing. His mission is to decipher the best methodologies for neuromarketing research, specifically in the realms of eye-tracking and emotion measurement with marketing stimuli.