shopper brain conference europe
DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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Day 2: Shelves, Packages, Senses, and Strategies
Dublin - Thursday, October 26, 2023
The program is subject to change.

9:00Welcome coffee & registration
9:30Opening by the master of ceremonies


Leveraging Customer Data for Customer Journey Mapping
• The importance of understanding customer goals, moods, and emotions in shaping buying behavior
• How combining different types of customer data can provide insights for product strategy and touch point design
• Best practices for collecting, analyzing, and utilizing customer data
Speaker to be announced


Harnessing Customer Goals to Revolutionize Your Brand's Ambitions
• Shifting the brand's focus to customer needs
• Mapping online and in-store experiences
• Creating experiences that align brand and customer goals
Speaker to be announced


Coffee Break



In-Store Eye-Tracking
• Overview of the latest findings in in-store eye-tracking research
• Things that can and cannot be concluded from eye-tracking
• Seven tips to optimize your in-store display
Speaker to be announced

11:45 The Secrets of Consumer Attention: How to Win Hearts and Minds (and not just the eyeballs)
• New insights in attention research and the limitation of eye-tracking
• Transforming attention into tangible business goals
• Metrics that drive insight and continual improvement
Speaker to be announced
12:30Lunch break


What Does Authenticity Look Like in the Brain?
• Analyze how customers perceive authenticity
• Understand the triggers that evoke an authentic feeling
• Discover effective market research tools to measure authenticity
• Learn best practices to create an authentic customer journey
Speaker to be announced


Neuroscience-based Prototype Testing
• Understand what consumers cannot articulate but neuroscience techniques can
• Utilize EEG to uncover deeper insights into consumer preference
• Discover how to ensure research results yield meaningful results
• Learn best practices for setting up an effective prototype test
Speaker to be announced

Coffee Break

15:45 Influencing in the Age of Influencers and Opinion Makers
• Does the science of persuasion still stand in a world of influencers and transparency?
• Effective communication without the dirty tricks
• Discover a future-proof model for authenticity in your organization.
Speaker to be announced

16:15Predicting the Consumer Trends of 2024
This conference presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the current trends in retail science and neuroscience, to predict the consumer trends of 2024. Through an exploration of the upcoming year from the perspective of emerging emotional research, the presentation will evaluate the potential for certain hypes to shape the future of shopping behavior.

16:45Wrap-up & Networking Drinks
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