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Rachel Lawes

Dr Rachel Lawes is the author of two ground-breaking books on the business applications of semiotics. ‘Using Semiotics in Marketing’ (2nd ed. 2023) is the first book to set out a step-by-step course in semiotics for marketers and market researchers, taking the reader all the way from writing a brief, through project design and analysis, to debrief. It is the most comprehensive guide to semiotics for market researchers ever published. Her book ‘Using Semiotics in Retail’ (2022) breaks new ground too. It includes but goes far beyond a simple remit of showing how to apply semiotic signs in retail stores so that sales go up. In fact, it develops new semiotic thinking about the future and sets out a fresh new set of tools, not previously seen or published. These are the tools you need to become a visionary of the future. Will you accept the challenge? Rachel’s PhD is in social psychology. She retains links with the academic community but has spent most of the last 20 years supplying semiotics to brand owners and marketers around the globe. She is a prolific writer and a familiar, trusted expert in the global semiotics community. Rachel is a Fellow of the Market Research Society. Clients who have used and endorsed the findings in Using Semiotics in Retail include Unilever and LEGO.