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Priming Across Screens (June 23, 2016 - 3:30 PM)
Maximizing Impact of Mobile and TV for Retailers

In order to succeed in the retail industry everyone agrees that budgets and creative efforts should follow users into online, social, and mobile environments, but these spaces are still poorly understood in terms of what kinds of advertising are most effective.

This research addresses two key challenges for retail marketers related to priming effects of advertising:
1) how should marketing messages be sequenced (across the same screen), and
2) how should cross-channel advertising be utilized to maximize message effectiveness?

In this presentation, Dr. Naomi Grewal, Head of Consumer Insights Research for North America at Facebook, will discuss two distinct studies using experimental design and a patented neurological testing approach to examine priming effects for campaigns and the resulting implications for retailers. 

Speaker: Naomi Grewal

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