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SINGAPORE, Postponed until further notice
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Call for Submissions

At the Shopper Brain Conference, shopper marketing experts and neuromarketers will gather, to learn more about the shopper's brain. Inspire participants from leading brands, retailers, e-tailers, catalogers, trade marketeers and retail industry consultants!

We are looking for presentations related to shopper marketing with a link to:
a) consumer neuroscience
b) behavioral retail research
c) fresh shopper insights (not necessarily related to brain science, as long as it is (very) innovative and/or related to emotions or the subconscious in a shopper environment)

From the perspective of:
I) Retailers, etailers, wholesalers, and distributors
II) Manufacturers' brands
III) Customer experience, store, and display design
IV) In-store communications and marketing

Proposal Guidelines

The proposal consists of a text and a short video (e.g. made with your phone)

1. Proposal Text

The text should be no longer than 500 words (est. one A4). Within these 500 words, please include:

  • A short bio of the presenter and organization
  • Keyword set: choose a few words that clearly describe the main idea of your work
  • Preferred presentation title
  • Summary / content outline of a max of 75 words and a detailed description
  • Short background on the scientific validity of the idea
  • What the audience can learn
  • Short motivation why the topic is new, exciting and needs to be included on the SBC agenda

2. Proposal Video

The video should be no longer than one minute. The suggested presenter pitches the main idea of the presentation to the program committee. In this way we would like to check the presentation skills as well as the main ‘idea’ behind the talk: does it make us crave for more, is the topic cutting-edge and exciting? If the submission is accepted, good quality videos might be used for promoting the conference at a later stage.

Take into account that:

  • The audience will vary in experience and background
  • New and own work and ideas have the preference
  • The format of the conference includes plenary presentations with 25-minute speaker slots and five minutes of Q&A. For the pace of the conference, there is a strong preference for solo speakers. If the submission suggests a duo presentation, please add the reasons why you think this presentation cannot be done by one presenter.
  • There is a fine for using pictures of icebergs as a metaphor for conscious and subconscious decision making ;-)
3. Preferences
  • Please indicate clearly if you would like to be considered as a speaker for the conference in Dublin, Singapore or both. This has no consequences for the selection process, but it's important for us to know this upfront.


The event is the 14th editions of the Shopper Brain Conference. We will have a pre-conference workshop where basic terminology and principles like 'system 1 & 2', and subconscious thinking (AKA 'the iceberg') are explained. We expect from the audience that they are familiar with this theory. This means that you do not need to cover any of these principles in your possible contribution. 

Attendees are attending the conference to learn.
We will share your deck with the audience the Monday after the conference
By submitting your proposal you agree that we will share your deck with the audience if your submission is selected.

The Shopper Brain Conference does not cover travel expenses. Speakers are welcome to attend the conference and conference dinner free-of-charge.

Send your proposal to before - we have not yet decided on a new deadline.