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Choosing the Package that Sends the Correct Message to the Shopper
June 23, 2017 2:15 PM 

The retail environment is among the most competitive part of the market place. At the same time, it is also one of the most visually “busy” and challenging environments. This means that products that are sought to be sold in busy retail stores need to rely on specific properties, including:

1) Prior ad effects, where the ad works as a call to action
2) Brand equity, in which the brand produces an advantage in terms of attention, preference and choice
3) Visual properties that make the product salient and thereby “stand out” relative to the competition.

From these three basic properties, brand equity and the package visual properties are possible to influence through an effective packaging design, therefore it is extremely important to pay attention to those two properties when designing and choosing the most effective package, specially when the product and brand are new to the market. To be able to do that, is necessary to learn how a the perceive value of a brand is build Juan Roberto Castro, Head of Neurons Inc LatAm, will show how he uses perceived value and semiotic concepts in packaging. He will share practical tips and tricks for package designers.

Audience take-aways:
- How to use perceived value and semiotic concepts
- 3 Business Cases: how Procasa, Naú Snacks, and Honda used neuromarketing to improve their packs

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