shopper brain conference europe
DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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Tripping Points and the Science of Human Experience
Friday Nov 1, 13:45 pm - Main Stage

Green, ethical shops that wrap your gifts in plastic film, or travel agencies where the staff completely ignores you when you enter – these are just some examples of Tripping Points: instances where companies don’t meet customer expectations. How do you identify these moments in the customer journey? And how do you leverage that for a better experience and more sales?  

Tim Routledge of CX Labs devotes his time to studying customer interactions in real life. Using biometric measuring devices, he picks up on levels of psychophysiological arousal. Join Tim, and find out how identifying and analyzing Tripping Points (TPs) can help you achieve a better customer experience.   

What the audience can learn:

  • What technology is used to identify and categorize TPs
  • The impact, tolerance, and causes of TPs
  • How to fix TPs once you identify them, for a better customer experience