shopper brain conference europe
DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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Designing Retail Experiences in the Age of Audio Disruption
Friday, November 1, 15:45

In terms of the customer’s sensory experiences, visual identities and physical packaging are making way for sonic experiences: from audio packaging to voice shelves, and from smart speakers to voice interactivity. How does this impact consumers’ shopping habits, expectations, perceptions, and behavior?  

Join Steve Keller, one of the leading experts in the field of audio branding, for a discussion on sound – both in- and outside of the retail box. Find out what role audio plays in the customer’s retail journey, and where new research could lead us in the future!  

What the audience can learn:

  • How audio is disrupting consumer’s retail experiences
  • The impact of sound on the customer journey
  • The future of sensory experiences in retail