shopper brain conference europe
DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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The Invisible Logo: a New Opportunity for Branding
Thursday October 20, 12:30

Can brand associations be activated only by a logo? Is it possible to design an image which looks like a logo to the brain but at the same time is not consciously associated with it? By something invisible, a seemingly irrelevant abstract image that conserves idiosyncratic features of the original logo, but otherwise is not consciously recognized, identified or associated as this logo.

Rafał Ohme will discuss the invisible logo as an image derived in a process called a logo substitution. First, the original logo is creatively modified until it becomes an abstract icon not associated on explicit level with a brand it represents. Then, it is tested if it activates mental representations of the original brand. The idea of invisible logo makes branding more distinct and less intrusive. It aims to discretely and tactfully accompany daily routines of consumers and shoppers.

Audience takeaways:
- Learn how the brain process logos and brand associations
- Understand how the same associations can be activated by an image that is less intrusive

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