shopper brain conference europe
DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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Organization Transformation: Customer Based Retailer
Friday October 21, 15:30  

Everybody understands the importance of center the business on the customer. But how should we do it? What kind of organizational transformations should a retailer do in order to put the customer on the center of the decision making process? What kind of practical processes and methodologies should a retailer apply? And, how big can be the impact of this strategy on the economic results of the company?

Sonae is the biggest Portuguese food retailer with an impressive experience and results on customer centric retail. On this session Marta Cunha will explain how to implement a customer strategy and will show the results of it.

Audience take-aways:

  • The customer on the center of the decision making process
  • Processes and methodologies on Customer Centric Retail
  • Economic results of a customer strategy
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