shopper brain conference asia
SINGAPORE, November 29-30, 2023
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Thursday, August 30, 2018
9:00Registration and welcome coffee
9:45Opening of the Shopper Brain Conference SA
Carla Nagel
, Executive Director, Neuromarketing Science & Business Association


Reward Your Shopper's Brain to Build Loyalty
- How to retain existing customers?
- Beyond customer retention: activate your shopper's brain's reward system to keep shoppers coming back and generate higher sales
Roger Dooley, Author Brainfluence, Blogger at


How Effective is Your In-Store Signage? Here's What Works for Toyota
- Key characteristics of effective (and ineffective) in-store signs
- What placement of signs works best for eye attractiveness?
- What messages are received most positively
Dale Jolley, Director, UVU Vivint Neuromarketing SMARTLab and Professor of Marketing at Utah Valley University





Drive Pack Performance at the Shelf
- Learn how the power of multiple neuroscience tools helped Pepsico capture consumer engagement
- Understand which elements of the refreshed pack drive attention, emotion and memory
- Measure the key messages and brand associations that the refreshed pack communicates
Janaína Brizante, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience Lead, Brazil 


Designing a Package that Sells
Choosing the Package That Sends the Correct Message to Consumers
- Building the perceived value of a brand: the easy and practical way
- How to design packaging that sells?
- The 6 elements that sustain the perceived value of a brand, explained through success cases
Juan Roberto Castro, Head of Neurons Inc LatAm


2:00Panel: Retail Insights from Activation to Execution
A panel discussion about today’s shopper challenges, with senior shopper insights professionals
- The biggest challenges in shopper insights today
- The future of shopper insights
- Three innovations to look forward to
- Outstanding brands in shopper marketing
- The 5 lessons shopper marketers need to learn
Moderated by Carlos Augusto Costa, Director, FGV University

2:45 Building a Brand’s Low Price Perception: a Comprehensive Approach
Understand key learnings on price perception from Portugal’s retail market leader
- What do cheaper stores mean to consumers?
- What leads consumers to perceive that a brand has lower prices than its competitor?
- What role do elements like loyalty cards, store environments, and advertising play in price perception?
Maria Céu Santos, Direção Cliente, Estudos de Mercado, SONAE MC

3:15 Coffee-break

3:45 Understanding the Hunter-Gatherer Brain In-Store
- What hunter-gatherer mechanisms affect in-store behavior?
- Sensorial perception, emotional narratives and association memories
- Today's shopper brain: mental availability and attentional behavior changes
Billy Nascimento, co-founder and co-CEO, Forebrain

4:15The Role of the Physical Store in the New Retail Reality
- Buying processes in a radically changed shopping journey
- What to do with all the data being generated?
- What is the role of the physical store in the new shopping journey?
Mauricio Morgado, Marketing Professor, Fundação Getulio Vargas
4:45Wrap-up & Networking Drinks

8:00 Conference Dinner
Wining, dining, and meeting new colleagues and peers.

Friday, August 31, 2018
9:00Registration and welcome coffee



Insight into Action: Build Stronger Insights Using Path to Purchase Knowledge
- A new look towards shoppers and their paths to purchase
- How to make your brand more competitive and differentiated at the point of purchase
- A methodology that turns shopper insight into effective action plans, for in-store activities that deliver great results
Beatriz Cavalcante Chamie, Founder and Director, Shoppermkt Group


ROI: Return on Involvement
- E-commerce: will we soon stop visiting stores, not because we need to, but because we want to?
- How to offer shoppers experiences that cannot be experienced in the digital channel
- Creating profitable, loyalty-inspiring, engaging experiences in a fast-growing society
Gilberto Strunck, Director of DIA Comunicação




Watch As They DO, Not As They SAY
A Qualitative Videometric Approach to Shopper Decision-Making
- How and why quantitative videometrics are the best approach to capture shopper-in-the-moment behaviors
- See what shoppers buy and hear why, in a real-world case
- Top 5 mistakes to avoid when doing video market research

12:15 Effective Packaging: Unwrapping Shopper’s Brains
- The latest neuroscientific findings on effective packaging design
- How does effective packaging lead to lasting connections with shopper’s brains?
- Real-world examples of ways successful brands connect with customers, and steps your company can take
Catherine Fairbanks, Senior Researcher and Consultant, Intellectual Property Research and Development

12:45 Lunch

1:45In-store Emotions: Unlocking Human Truth
- The opportunities of the in-store shopping environment on shopper's emotions
- Lifting emotional arousal of the shopper
- Environmental cues at the PoP that improves shopper's satisfaction
Armando Mora Tellez, Global Director for Coca-Cola, Ipsos

2:15Out Of The Box:
A Crossmodal Perspective on Retail Atmospherics and Acoustical Design
- The latest research into the ways sound influences shopper behavior
- Information and inspiration how sound and acoustical design can be applied effectively
Steve Keller, CEO, iV
2:45Coffee break 
3:15Determining the Best Price With Implicit Association Testing
- What is implicit association testing?
- How to use implicit measures in price challenges
- Tips and tricks for shopper marketers and retailers
Dr Eamon Fulcher, R&D Director, Split Second Research


How do Habits Undermine Marketing and What to Do About it?  
- What is habit-based behavior? 
- Which lessons can be drawn for shopper marketers? 
- The secrets of habitual buying that helps brands stand out  
Neale Martin, CEO, Sublime Behavior Marketing

4:30Networking drinks

What attendees of the Shopper Brain Conference shared with us:

  • "It was a very good event in terms of exchanging knowledge, networking..etc."
  • "I would love to attend the next year's event"
  • "Positive spirit, interesting interactions"
  • "An interesting and inspirational event with a lot of different speakers and cases"
  • "It was very comprehensive and the content was excellent"
  • "Nice place to get to know the experts in the field, get inspired and network. Heard some really excellent presentations."