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Shopper Brain Conference 2020 Program Committee

The Shopper Brain Conference is looking for a new program committee.
To create the best Shopper Brain Conference ever organized, we are looking for a motivated team of professionals, that are on top of the news, to help us form the 2020 Shopper Brain Conference agendas. The committee shall normally consist of an NMSBA chair and six to eight committee members, from retail, brands or with a scientific background. It's a requirement that you have attended one of the Shopper Brain Conferences before. People with a stake in the neuromarketing industry are excluded from participation.

Is this something you are willing to help us with? Fill out the form below before Dec 15 to submit your interest in joining the Shopper Brain Conference Program Committee for the 13th and 14th editions of the event, planned in Dublin (Nov. 4-6) and Singapore (Nov 18-20). We'll get back to you about your participation before January 1.

April 2020 sees the most activity, speaker proposals are reviewed & selected. We will have an email thread to discuss the most important parts and send you the pack of submissions. In total, we estimate that the time commitment is around 5-8 hours in total, but note that the time between receiving the submissions and filling out the rating sheet is short (see below).

Jan 1 - April 1, 2020: 2-3 hours - searching for keynote speakers and discussing possible interesting themes (discussion forum) 
April 7-13, 2020: 3-5 hours - reading submissions and filling out a rating sheet


The NMSBA is not able to cover expenses for committee members. Instead, the registration fees for one of the Shopper Brain Conferences 2020 (including, pre-conference activities and dinners) are waived for committee members who contributed to the process. 

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