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shopper brain conference
NEW YORK, November 19-21, 2019
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Timothy Desmet

Timothy Desmet, Ph.D, is the founder of Profacts. Profacts is a full-service market research company that was founded in 2006 and solves marketing and management problems (related to customer satisfaction, communication, branding, product development, employee engagement, pricing etc.) through quantitative and qualitative market research. Profacts currently employs more than 50 research consultants. Within Profacts, Impulse Research is a spin-off of Ghent University and offers neuroscientific marketing and market research solutions (brain imaging, physiological measures, etc.).

Before founding Profacts, Timothy had an extensive academic career in brain and cognitive sciences at Ghent University (Belgium) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). In Belgium, Timothy was awarded with the title of Psychologist of the Year (2011) and Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2014).

In his spare time, Timothy is a Sommelier-Conseil (graduated from the Université du Vin à Suze-la-Rousse in the Rhône valley) and fascinated by how cognitive biases influence the appreciation of fine wine.