shopper brain conference
Dublin, October 25-26, 2023
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Winning the e-Commerce Shopper
Thursday Nov 21, 11:15 am - Main Stage

eCommerce is growing faster than any other retail channel (20%) and this growth is driven by the increased importance of the shopper. Online buying is easier for the shopper and solves many friction points. However, as online shopping grows, new shopper challenges have emerged, making shopping more difficult, time-consuming and these difficulties are costing brands and retailer’s money.

During this presentation James Sorensen will unveil an e-commerce shopper study completed by Kantar in 2019, speaking to 28,000 people across 14 countries and 16 categories. This study reveals what is most important to e-commerce shoppers, and how brands and retailers can improve the experience to grow.

What the audience can learn:

  • Top friction points for e-commerce websites
  • Examples of tactics to reduce or eliminate friction point
  • How e-commerce websites, social media, and online video touchpoints are being used by shoppers to reduce shopper confusion and frustration