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Dublin, October 25-26, 2023
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The Neuroscience Behind Creating Better Native Ads (June 24, 2016 10:00 AM)

Even a two-percent engagement rate means most people will never click on your ad. Over the past two years, Sharethrough & Nielsen Neuro partnered with 5 top tier brands to discover how neuroscience can help advertisers capture a consumer's attention. By understanding how the brain processes native ad headlines, marketers can master the art of copywriting and activate shoppers on the go.

Gone are the days when people wander stores aimlessness, browsing through shelf placements and talkers. Today, in-store browsing happens via mobile devices and consumer attention is focused on browsing headlines, in a feed. Sharethrough discovered that in-feed headlines are key to activating shoppers on the go and the words chosen will persuade them instantly, or won't.

Speaker: Melinda Staros

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