shopper brain conference
Dublin, October 25-26, 2023
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Predicting Consumer Impulsive Shopping Behaviors

Understanding consumer impulsive shopping behaviors continues to be one of marketing’s great imponderables. Impulsivity appears to be a subconscious consumer decision likely based on a combination of emotional connections and resulting behavioral responses. With those assumptions, consumer impulse purchasing has historically been studied as a post-purchase event. New research, emerging from neuromarketing analysis, provides an improved understanding of the phenomena and suggests that knowing the underlying triggers might provide tools to better forecast marketplace responses/solutions.

In this presentation Don E. Schultz, Professor Emeritus (in Service) at Northwestern will show the new findings regarding impulsive shopper behavior. The study and research method will be presented, as well the value of its outcome to marketing organizations will be summarized and next steps in the use of the tool are part of the presentation.   
Audience take-aways: 
- Understanding underlying triggers to better forecast impulsive marketplace responses
- How to determine overall propensity for impulsive behavior
- Consequences for shopper marketers

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