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Dublin, October 25-26, 2023
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Mirror-Mirror at the Mall (June 23, 2016 02:00PM)
How the mirror neuron system shapes consumer feeling and influence brand adoption

Have you ever yawned after seeing someone else yawn, even though you had a great night’s sleep?
Have you ever been around someone who is laughing and found yourself starting to giggle as well?

We have all heard the expression about getting a ‘vibe’ from someone. Our brains are tuned in to other people’s emotional states and they can directly change the way we feel. This capacity for empathy comes by way of brain structures called “mirror neurons.”
The affect of others around us is contagious, and as we shop, the energy of the entire group can rest in the emotional feelings of a single individual. Because of our unique ability to ‘infer intent’ by observing other people’s behavior, the exchange between sales associates and customers becomes critical in the unfolding of experience and connection to brands. Sales associates' brains ‘resonate’ with other brains on the sales floor. Enthusiastic sales associates beget enthusiastic customers. So, the emotional state of sales associates can influence customers around them.

Keeping customers engaged and happy as they move from area to area within a store is extremely important. How we do it has everything to do with the mirror neuron system. Seeing happy – leads to being happy.

In this session attendees will learn:
• How the mirror neuron system in humans is different than in higher order primates.
• How mirror neurons are tied to learning and our ability for empathic extension.
• Why understanding the mirror neuron system is important in providing positive customer experiences and the fostering of long-term customer relationships

Speaker: David Kepron

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