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Dublin, October 25-26, 2023
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Cash, Travel, and Neuroscience
Biometric science reveals new insights in reward preference
June 22, 2017 12:15 PM

Loyalty and reward portfolios commonly encompass merchandise and travel experiences, as well as cash-back, or “cash-like” rewards such as in-kind services (e.g. free room nights from a hotel provider). Which rewards are most effective in motivating and engaging consumers? For the first time, neuromarketing techniques have been applied in original research to better understand what people really want from incentives and rewards at work and in the marketplace, and, by extension, what they prefer in luxury merchandise, travel and experiences.

In this presentation Charlotte Blank, Executive Director at the Maritz Institute, will summarize findings from a groundbreaking neuroscience-based study, which applied bio-metric techniques to understand participant reward preferences at the subconscious level.
Audience take-aways:
- understand the behavioral motivators behind reward selection, and the emotional aspects of reward preference
- tap into the $100 billion non-cash reward industry; and
- know how to position their goods and services as better motivational tools for customers and employees than cash.

Broadly, attendees will learn more of the fascinating science behind what people are viscerally and cognitively attracted to in consideration of luxury goods, services and travel.
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