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Behavioral Economics and Nudge in Shopper Marketing
June 22, 2017 14:45

Behavioral economics explores the non-rational forces and implicit biases that impact human decisions. Over the past several years, this field has become increasingly prominent. The application of behavioral economics to shopper marketing helps marketers to better understand the underlying (and often sub-conscious) forces impacting shoppers’ decision making - and to identify powerful levers to drive behavioral change.

In this session, Jonathan Asher (Executive Vice President of PRS IN VIVO) will discuss
- How behavioral economics principles can help marketers to better understand "irrational" shopper behavior and create more effective communications
- How small "Nudges" can drive buying decisions far more efficiently and effectively than more expensive, traditional (and rational) marketing efforts
- How companies can apply a disciplined process for identifying and executing "Nudge" opportunities

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