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Dublin, October 25-26, 2023
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Behavioral Science & Digital Conversion
June 23, 2017 3:45 PM

Are you making the conversion-killing mistake of using only features, benefits, and pricing to convince your customers to buy? If so, you are reaching just 5% of your shopper’s brain. In this info-packed session, Roger Dooley, author of the best-selling book Brainfluence, will show you how to use simple techniques to appeal to the 95% of your customer’s decision-making driven by non-conscious processes. Roger has spent years studying brain behavior and how it influences customer engagement, purchase decisions, and the various other conversion streams you may be targeting for your business.

Now he comes to the Shopper Brain Conference in Chicago, ready to share his expertise. You’ll be fascinated as he demonstrates ways that using knowledge of how our brains work enables you to create better marketing, advertising, and sales strategies. His focus is always on real-world examples and practical applications. You’ll learn to look at your web site and conversion paths in entirely new ways.

Come prepared for revelations as Roger uncovers the non-conscious processes you may never have imagined were influencing your online marketing efforts.

Audience take-aways:
- Practical and simple tips and techniques to appeal to the digital shopper
- Increase web conversion applying insights from neuroscience and behavioral science

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