shopper brain conference - europe
October 5-6, 2017
The agenda of 2017 will be announced mid June 2017. Interested in speaking at the Shopper Brain Conference Europe? Have a look at our call for submissions

2016 Speakers Were

Graeme Newell
Graeme Newell (US)
Sarah Mitson
Sarah Mitson (UK)
Rafał Ohme
Rafał Ohme (PL)
Marta Cunha
Marta Cunha (PT)
Toby Desforges
Toby Desforges (UK)
Lluis Martinez Ribes
Lluis Martinez Ribes (SP)
Raymond Burke
Raymond Burke (US)
Andy Myers
Andy Myers (UK)
Eda Ocak
Eda Ocak (TR)
Dalibor Šumiga
Dalibor Šumiga (HR)
Roeland Dietvorst
Roeland Dietvorst (NL)
Nikki Westoby
Nikki Westoby (UK)
Kate Nightingale
Kate Nightingale (UK)
Alastair Herbert
Alastair Herbert (UK)
Devora Rogers
Devora Rogers (US)
Gesa Lischka
Gesa Lischka ()
Frank Buckler
Frank Buckler (DE)
Steffen Schmidt
Steffen Schmidt (DE)
Constant Berkhout
Constant Berkhout (NL)
Leo van de Polder
Leo van de Polder (NL)