shopper brain conference
AMSTERDAM, October 30-november 1, 2019
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Developing Killer Products and Services for the Postmodern Consumer

Thursday Oct 30, 16:15 - Main Stage

The walls conventional marketing strategies use to describe customers are crumbling down fast, as the postmodern consumer, on a quest to find and express his identity, defies categorization. Today’s Boss-wearing executive who reads the Wall Street Journal is tomorrow’s Vans-wearing fan of Imagine Dragons. 

With lifestyle categories fading fast, how can you reach consumers? And why do customers rely upon your brand to tell them who they are? Join thought leader Michael Solomon who breaks down all existing marketing walls, and find out how to seize the opportunities beyond the walls!  

What you can learn:

  • Why the debate about ‘offline versus online’ is useless
  • How to market with rather than market to your customers
  • How to adapt to the new reality to develop new killer products and services