shopper brain conference europe
DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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Brain-Pleasing Retail Marketing Methods 

Thursday Oct 30, 11:15 - Main Stage

What neuro-journey steps does a customer take while making a purchasing decision? Learn from Lluis Martinez-Ribes, who decodes, analyzes and explains the journey from a neuroscience perspective. He uses the refreshing example of contestant Lorena on TV-show The Voice, who is in the middle of selecting the coach to lead her to success.  

Join Lluis to learn more about the shopper decision-making process. Discover which neuroscience-methods you can apply ex-ante to shape future customer experiences and conversations with customers.  

What you can learn:

  • The difference between brain-pleasing marketing and emotional marketing
  • The role of imagination connected with brain gratification
  • When communicating is (and when it is not) appealing