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DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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The “Artificial Creativity” Project:
About the largest study to date on unlocking the hidden emotional vehicles that drive customer connection and sales.

Friday October 6, 16:15u

The Motivation: Countless studies show that the money spend for advertising itself only explains 30% of market impact. The remaining 70% of variations are due to the right (or wrong) creative content. Compared to Marketing Mix Modeling studies, surprisingly few researches addresses the question of which creative content exactly makes an ad sell more. Still the vast majority of brands leave the answer to this vital question to the creative masterminds. The low success rate of product launches and other statistics suggest that this is close to leave your success to chance.

The Project: To showcase how new technologies can assist marketing creatives in finding more impactful communication approaches, we started the “Artificial Creativity” Project. The approach was a three-step process: First, to build on a gigantic profiled ads database leveraging 60.000 ads that are profiled by 200 criteria (key emotions, creative vehicals, testimonials, age and sex of actors etc.) Second, to gain insights about ad impacts we conducted experiment-bases online surveys. Third, we leveraged causal machine learning to understand which ad properties have which impact in a certain context.

The results were breathtaking in its granularity and explanatory power. A sample insight: Every combination of industry and target group has its unique winning emotional key. Our research shows for instance that if you want to sell wealth management services there are two emotional motivators that work best: shame and family responsibility. The best way to sell consumer products to mothers is to extol their intelligence and compliment their selfless giving to others.

The relevance of the new approach could not be more obvious. Suddenly, we are able to set stricter guidelines to creatives in their work. We can specify whether we need a celebrity or which of the 20 types of “funny” or the 21 types of “smart” will be most impactful to a particular brand. Finally, we are now able to address the 70% potential that brands too often leave to chance.

The Speaker: Dr. Frank Buckler, Founder & CEO of Success Drivers