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Shopper Marketing: Change or Die
October 5, 2017 10:00 AM

We are at the beginning of a major disruption that will require massive changes to shopper marketing practices to maintain effectiveness: credible sources (e.g., McKinsey, Oxford Martin Institute, etc) predict that more than 50 percent of today’s jobs will be made redundant by technologies that are already being deployed or are in late-stage development. Particularly relevant to shopper marketing is the rapid adoption of home or personal assistants that consumers can delegate the task of shopping to. This will have a profound impact on marketing in general and shopper marketing in particular.

There are great opportunities for Shopper Marketing – long the poor cousin, initially of TV advertising and more recently of digital marketing – to become the leading marketing instrument. But to realize this vision shopper marketing must change in the most fundamental ways imaginable. In this presentation Dr. Peter Steidl (author of Shopper Marketing and Neuromarketing Essentials) will: 

  • Explore the technological disruption and its impact on marketing, the retail sector, and shopper marketing
  • Identify how marketing, retail and shopper marketing need to change to succeed
  • Review strategic changes in scope and focus, in the quality and type of relationships it builds, in shaping shopping behavior, in the utilization of technological advances and engaging shoppers in a world driven by convenience
  • Provide a transformation guide highlighting actions that need to be taken now, in the medium term and in the long term to future-proof shopper marketing by transforming its scope and role
  • Outline an approach to monitoring change that will inform the implementation of your change strategy
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