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Leveraging the power of scent: unlocking its secrets to improve retail experiences
October 6, 2017 14:15 AM

It has been well established that our senses do not operate in isolation but rather interact with one another and doing so creates stronger experiences. However, while the average retail experience is one dominated by the sense of vision, sound and touch, many retailers do so without consideration for how these sensory experiences interact with one another. Further, in this struggle to drive customers to physical stores, retailers are often unaware or do not have the evidence that scent can be a secret passage to memories and emotions and could therefore be used to their advantage and strategically leveraged for their brands.

Andy Myers will be sharing the results of our recent study with Premium Scenting, part of Rentokil Initial and will show how GSR/Emotional arousal helped us to understand the role of scent and its congruency with virtual reality experiences. We will provide learnings about what the implications of this research for retail environment design in a more holistic way, understanding the impact of scent in the multisensory experience.

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