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DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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Imagination and the Impact on Buying Behavior
October 5, 2017 14:45

As a human being, the shopper has the unique ability to imagine herself in relation to future consumption situations of food products. She can imagine the sensory experience surrounding these situations, the mood and how it will affect her future feelings too. This “trial experience” of a current food product, which she considers purchasing, is based on her earlier experiences of similar consumption situations and the emotions experienced in these contexts.

To improve the stimuli activating the shoppers’ trial experience process and to forecast the effects of using these stimuli, emotional data will become an increasingly important source of detailed shopper behavior insights. Driven by research and developments in Machine Learning and AI-techniques computers can now identify and process human feelings and emotions more efficiently than ever before.  

Audience take aways:
- Understanding how imagination works as a ‘trial experience’ in the shopper’s mind
- How AI and machine learning can help our understanding of the shopper brain
- How to activate the right stimuli during shopper experiences

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