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DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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2016: Shopper Needs in a Changing World

The retail reality changes rapidly with the digital revolution we are in. Today's shoppers can choose from an increasing number of shopping possibilities and information sources. 

A better understanding of shopper conscious and subconscious needs, gives you the opportunity to stay ahead in this challenging retail landscape. At the Shopper Brain Conference you will learn all relevant new consumer insights from consumer neuroscience, applied in shopper marketing, retail and branding.

Agenda - day 1 (2016!)

09:00Welcome coffee & registration
09:45Opening (by Leo van de Polder and Carla Nagel)
Today's World, Today's Shopper and the Shopper's Brain


The Shopper Marketing Revolution: how shopping environment changes are revolutionizing the world of consumer goods marketing?
- The changes in the retail landscape and the effect on shoppers
- Influences on shoppers' behavior and the lessons for marketers
Toby Desforges, author of 'The Shopper Marketing Revolution' (United Kingdom)


How Shoppers Make Decisions Today
- How shoppers go from undecided to decided
- The new paths to purchase today
- How to uncover what really influences shoppers
Devora Rogers, CMO Casewise (United States)


Coffee Break
Today's Challenges in Branding


The Concept of a Brand in One's Mind
- How a human-brand relationship works
- Remaining a steady brand, without becoming outdated
- Branding challenges in times of low attention-spans and information overload
Roeland Dietvorst, Scientific Director, (Netherlands)


The Invisible Logo: New Opportunities for Branding
- How powerful the shopper brain is in interpreting your brand message
- Activating mental representations by a more distinct way of brand activation
Rafał Ohme, Founder of NEUROHM (Poland)


Lunch Break

Next Level Retail Information


How to Reduce Shoppers' Tiredness when Managing Purchase Information
- Shoppers' way of searching information during the path-to-purchase
- Improving the way retail firms provide needed information
Lluis Martinez-Ribes, Retail Innovation Associate Professor, ESADE (Spain)


Voices that Drive Choices
- Language-lessons in marketing: the importance of feeling over meaning
- Identifying emotional buying triggers to improve brand communication
- Improving retail performance by changing the way brands and their people speak 
Alastair Herbert, Founder of Linguabrand (United Kingdom)


Coffee Break

The Perfect Store


Shelf Optimization With Help of the Subconscious 
Combining in-store EEG, eye-tracking and neuroscore IDIs to reveal underlying motivation and shopper demands and answering questions like:
- How and when secondary displays should be used
- The effects of scents in store
- Usage of emotional elements in different categories
Eda Ocak, Partner at ThinkNeuro (Turkey)


Reducing the Paradox of Choice
- Balancing offering in a world of choice
- Decreasing anxiety without eliminating options
Constant Berkhout, Constant Berkhout, Founder of Rijnbrug Advies and Author of Retail Marketing Strategy, Delivering Shopper Delight (Netherlands)

16:45Networking Drinks and Dinner

Agenda - day 2 (2016!)

Big Data, Online and Neuromarketing
09:00Welcome coffee 


Identifying Shoppers' Needs and Enrich Consumer Insights
- Creating better hypothesis for traditional and neuromarketing research
- Test or double-check consumer behavior on a large scale
- Understanding consumer language in the online world
Dalibor Šumiga, behavioral marketing specialist and CEO of Promosapiens (Croatia)


How can neuro tools help us understand shopper decisions online?
- Enriching big data for better shopper insights
- Understand the motivations and decisions made by shoppers by using online data with neuromarketing tools
Sarah Mitson,  Global Head of Brand and Shopper, Kantar TNS (United Kingdom)


Coffee Break
Shoppers' Senses Inside Out


Applying Psychology to Leisure Design
- Presenting brand personality via sensory design
- Creating unique brand experience
- Ensuring design effectiveness
Kate Nightingale, Consumer Psychologist and Founder of Style Psychology Ltd


From Neuroscience to Neuro-Scent
- Evolution from traditional consumer research to consumer neuroscience
- Applying various tools into the product development process
Corey Yeo, Director Consumer & Marketing Insights at Symrise Asia Pacific Scent & Care (Singapore)

12:00Emotion behind the click:
Injecting emotion into UX testing
Results of a  large scale neuroscience website usability test on a number of UK grocery sites using EEG, GSR, Eye tracking and implicit testing to understand the unconscious emotional reactions to the online grocery shopping experience
Andy Myers, Walnut Unlimited (United Kingdom)



Shopper Emotions and Emotional Marketing


Best Practices in Emotional Marketing in the Retail Domain
- Emotional marketing as the key driver for sales
- Best examples of emotional marketing in retail advertising
Graeme Newell, President at 602 Communications (United States)


Linking Success Metrics to Specific Emotions
- Revealing the right emotions that link to success in specific categories
- Using implicit measurement methods and machine learning to link emotional measures to relevant success drivers
Frank Buckler,  CEO at Success Drivers and Steffen Schmidt Assistant Professor at
Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany)

14:45Coffee Break

Shoppers' Decision Making


To Buy or Not To Buy
-  Split-second decision-making
-  Measuring attraction at point-of-sale
-  A case-study: The price is right? How a UK retailer used neuroscience to discover the best way to display pricing to its customers
Nikki Westoby, Director of Neuroscience for Europe, Nielsen (United Kingdom)
15:30Organization Transformation: Customer Based Retailer
- The customer on the center of the decision making process
- Processes and methodologies on Customer Centric Retail
- Economic results of a customer strategy
Marta Cunha, Client Director, Sonae MC (Portugal)

Measuring and Managing Category and Brand Shoppability
- Quantify the shoppability of product categories and brands
- Identify the specific brands, product features and other visual cues that engage shoppers
- Discover when shelf placement, adjacencies, and presentation undermine shoppability
Raymond R. Burke, Professor at Kelley School of Business
16:45Networking drinks