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DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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The neuroscience of effort – why customers love it easy
October 5, 2017 11:45

In an age where technology brings everything to our fingertips, we learn to resent the need to make an effort in order to get what we want. We expect companies to make it easy for us to work with them and penalize those that fail to do so. We demand the same seamless experience across channels, at any moment during the day or night. And the younger the generation, the more prevalent the attitude.

Not until long ago, companies believed that if they wowed us, we would reward them with our life-long gratitude and loyalty. Gone are those days… for good! With ever increasing competitive offers from the competition and the simplicity and ease to find alternative solutions online, customers become more empowered and have ever more negotiation leverage. This leads to an interesting attitude shift, where customers have less patience with companies that do not fulfill their needs according to their expectations. And they are less forgiving with companies that require extra effort from them to make things work.

In this talk Ana Iorga will explore these topics from a neuroscience point of view, she will look at emotions and the role they play and the implications of effort in shaping customer expectations and long term engagement.

Audience take-aways:
• Understand the role that emotions and habits play in shaping consumer behavior
• Explore the implicit drivers of customer engagement
• Assess the impact of effort on the overall consumer experience

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