shopper brain conference europe
DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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Shelf Optimization With Help of the Subconscious
Thursday October 20, 15:45 

In this speech Eda Ocak presents an instore research where EEG and Eye Tracking findings are enriched with neuroscore based in-depth interviews (IDIs) right after their experience is finished. These interviews are conducted based on the immediately reported neuroscores of the participant to understand the underlying reasons of their emotional reactions.

There are major findings regarding personal care, home care, confectionery, beverage, and dairy categories. In addition, a general learning set is formed which summarizes unconscious behavior of the shoppers. The peaks and dips points of the data were analyzed and deep dived with the neuro score based IDIs. The results are combined with the scientific literature to better explain the dynamcis.

Finding topics include:
- How and when secondary displays should be used?
- When do promotions & discounts work and when do not
- Effect of scents in store environment
- Social connection optimization in cashier area
- Usage of emotional elements in different categories

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